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Hiking on Vancouver Island

Explore the outdoors! Vancouver Island has so many incredibly opportunities to go hiking. Before going on a hike ensure you have the proper equipment to do so. Vancouver Island is full of wild life, it is not uncommon to encounter deer, cougars, or bears (oh my!). Thankfully there are many hikes very close to Cedar Grove campground.

First and foremost lets start off with one of the most popular trails! Little Qualicum Falls! It is a lovely 2.9km that is fairly easy to walk with a stunning view of the waterfalls. You do not want to miss out on it, especially when it is only a mere 19 minute drive away!

Next up, Little Qualicum Fish Hatchery, located 5 minutes away from Cedar Grove. While at Cedar Grove you get to see the beauty of the river, closer to the ocean. Why not check out what's going on upstream? This 3.5 km loop gives you the opportunity to take in more of the beauty around us. Pro Tip: Keep your eyes in the sky! Eagle nests are bountiful in this area!

Last but certainly not least, Laburnum Trails, just up the road from Little Qualicum Fish Hatchery. You might see cars parked along the side of the road around here as there is no parking lot for this trail. At 2.7 km this is a shorter hike but listed as "moderate" and can be a little tricky as there is limited signage. The trails are perfect for mountain biking and hiking. The forest is worth checking out!

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